Get Well Soon

If you know someone that isn’t feeling well or stuck in hospital following an operation or maybe two, a way to cheer them up would be a homemade card.  Especially if it was personalised with their photograph and/or name on it. 

You can choose how you would like the card and how big depending on if you have a number of people wanting to sign it.  If it is for a ‘Dancing Queen’ or a ‘Sitting Machine’, a card can be made for anyone.  

Do you want glitter or gems included.  Would you like it to be a 3d card?  All the choices are yours.

Standard Get Well Soon cards come in 4 different sizes, A6, 5″x7″, A5 and A4. 

A6 £1.50
5″x7″ £2.00
A5 £2.50
A4 £5.00