Standard Christmas Cards

Christmas is the season of giving, and giving a homemade and personalised Christmas card is always nice to receive.

Glitter, ribbon, gems, bows, even wooden embellishments such as gingerbread men, snowmen, penguins and trees can be added to make your card even more Christmassy. 

Cards can be 3d or 2d, or can even move while singing ‘Dachshund through the snow!’ for those dog lovers.  To make them even more personal, each letter of their name can be decorated like Chloe, Emma, Reece and Louise’s cards.  Or you can have a ‘faceswap’ using bodies such as James Bond, Mr Selfridge and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.  You can’t get anymore personal than that!

These cards come in 4 different sizes, A6, 5″x7″, A5 and A4 so prices vary so please have a look at the ‘Prices’ page.


A6 £1.50
5″x7″ £2.00
A5 £2.50
A4 £5.00