Standard Birthday Cards

If you want to send a friend or family member a nice homemade, personal card which isn’t too fancy like a Pop-up or Box card, a standard fold Birthday card is the way to go. 

If it is for a one year old and you want the card in the shape of a ‘1’ or if it’s a little boys 5th birthday and he loves The Lion King, or even for someone’s 70th birthday who enjoys shooting/hunting, what better way to show you have thought about them, then to send them a personalised birthday card.

Standard Birthday cards come in 4 different sizes, A6, 5″x7″, A5 and A4.  You can request them to be 3d or just flat and preferred colours.  If you would like a card for a girl/lady who doesn’t like pink or a card for a boy/man who doesn’t like blue, I won’t include those colours.  If the recipient doesn’t like flowers or animals, I won’t include those either.  It’s completely up to you!  Being homemade and personal, you can choose exactly how you want them to look.


A6 £1.50
5″x7″ £2.00
A5 £2.50
A4 £5.00